Global Economic Indicators

Get the complete picture of the macro environment, understand economic cycles, and interpret market conditions.

EquityRT Macro module provides comprehensive coverage of global macroeconomic indicators from local and reputable multinational sources through an easy-to-use web platform that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Whether be a corporate or an individual investor, success largely depends on the financial decisions you make. While making these decisions, evaluating the economic landscape is more important than ever.
  1. From growth to production, inflation to market expectations, local and global data that guide your investment decisions are at your fingertips with the EquityRT Macro!

    • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the Turkish market through soft and hard indicators
    • Effortlessly access 200 countries’ economic data
    • Automated data delivery into your work files
    • Comparable economics from global sources
    • Charting and tabling, function applications, and Excel download options
    • Opportunity to prepare effective and fast economy reports with “Rasyonet Instant Report”
  2. Vizyonumuz
  1. Who benefits?
    • Institutional Investors
    • Financial Analysts
    • Economists
    • Economic Research Units
    • Portfolio Managers
    • Financial Advisors
    • Universities
  2. What is the scope of coverage?
    • Turkey Macroeconomic Data
      • 17 economic categories
      • +20 data sources
      • Growth projections
      • Quarterly and annual forecasts
      • Economic calendar
    • Global Macroeconomic Data
      • 200 countries
      • Cross-country comparable data
      • Economic calendar
      • Growth projections
      • Quarterly and annual forecasts
Ideal for users who need a global perspective on today’s economic trends

If you track and analyze the performance of the Turkish economy, frequently prepare bulletins & reports, and compare regions/countries around the globe, and above all, need to improve your productivity, EquityRT MacroAnalytics is the best “economic” solution you require. Please contact us for more information and we will gladly schedule a demo for you.