Global Stock Markets

Why search for several sources in order to get the full picture; or subscribe to expensive data terminals from international solution providers? We got you covered!

You can now analyze global stock markets with Turkey's most comprehensive financial analysis platform which is created and supported by a Turkish company.

  1. Who benefits?

    • Equity Research Analysts
    • Portfolio Managers
    • Investor Relations
    • Financial Advisors
    • Holding & Family offices
    • Corporate Investors
    • Individual Investors
    • Universities
  2. Vizyonumuz
Unrivalled global financial markets data coverage
  • Stocks
    130,000 stocks worldwide
  • Financial Statements & Ratios
    Everything you need for company analysis and comparison
  • Analysts Estimates & Recommendations
    Global Analysts Estimates
  • Research Turkey Analyst Estimates
    Competent provider of the local analyst estimates
  • Holding Information
    Stock holdings of global funds
  • Real-time News
    From Reuters and many other reliable news sources
  • Stock Indices
    Global 100K+ indices
  • Macroeconomics Indicators
    200 countries and thousands of Indicators
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    ETFs traded on global stock markets
  • Turkish Banking Sector
    Company and sectoral level data, financials, footnotes
  • Currency
    Real-time exchange rates and Central Banks
  • Crypto Currencies
    Crypto markets data
Discover EquityRT subscription packages with different data coverage and analytical tools.
Fast and comprehensive analysis of global stocks
  1. Strategy Builder & Backtesting

    Investment professionals are constantly challenged to deliver high-quality research to guide the right investment decisions

    Making the right decisions starts with having an optimum investment strategy in place. EquityRT’s unique strategy builder and backtesting super-feature gives you the easiest way to design a fundamental based investment strategy, and backtest its effectiveness in just a few clicks.

    • Create your investment strategies by just utilizing your selected financial ratios and analyst estimates.
    • Define your criteria limits and ranking position of your selected ratios. You can also apply weightings to the ranking position of your selected ratios.
    • Customize your universe of stocks by defining the market capitalization size, sector and index.
    • Add a benchmark index to compare the strategy backtest result to.
    • Specify the initial cash amount invested, rebalance frequency, transaction fee/commission and price type (EOD or average).
    • Define the portfolio distribution of the stocks either by market capitalization or set them as “equally" weighted.
    • Combine investment strategies and backtest them together by applying weighting to your selected strategies.
  2. Backtest and analyze results on a visually appealing dashboard giving you a clear picture of the performance of your strategy.
    • Current cash amount invested in the portfolio and the benchmark index on the last date.
    • Strategy risk values of portfolio and benchmark index.
    • Portfolio’s gain and relative gain according to the benchmark index.
    • The portfolio's annualized gain and annualized relative gain according to the benchmark index.
    • Review transaction details (buy/sell transactions, dividend and capital increases) and daily cash values.
  3. Market Trends (Global Funds, Shareholders, Key Executives and Board Members)
    Would you like to know which stocks are popular among fund managers?
    Would you like to check out stock picks of global fund managers with a few clicks?

    Perhaps you would be interested in if the Key Executives and Board members of a company buying or selling shares.

    We have put the information, insights and the best analytical tools together for you to quickly assess the developments in the global markets from different angles:

    • Which funds invest in which country?
    • Which funds and investors are interested in which sector?
    • Which companies’ insiders are buying or selling their stocks?
    • Latest trends in investment preferences of global funds and asset management companies
  4. Analyst Estimates & Recommendations

    We are aware of your need to access analyst estimates. Thereby, we incorporated a global estimates database, comprised of over 800 contributors (Sell-Side brokers), built upon providing constituency and transparency.

    The estimates database covers consensus-level estimates and analyst recommendations for over 15,000 international securities from 90+ countries across the globe.

    Research Turkey Analyst Estimates

    Reputable Research Turkey Analyst Estimates Surveys are now conducted by our team on the Rasyonet technological infrastructure. The entire historical survey database has also been moved to the new structure and can be accessed within the EquityRT platform.

    We gather and compile the different estimates made by stock analysts on the future earnings for publicly traded companies in Borsa Istanbul.

  1. Sector Analysis and Peer Comparison

    Conducting a comprehensive analysis on the company, sector and peers will help you make the right investment decisions at the right time.

    • Compare stocks with its peers and quickly identify financially healthy companies.
    • Benchmark a stocks’ key fundamental metrics against its industry medians.
    • Compare sector and country medians of your popular ratios to find out more insights.
    • Create custom peer groups on a specific stock to conduct further peer analysis.
  2. Stock Screening

    Finding the best stock pick is no easy task. With so many choices out there, zoning in on the good ones requires a robust screening process. With Screener, you can apply your custom criteria to a set of stocks to find out the smartest investment ideas.

    • Predefined Smart Screeners
    • Comprehensive ratios and function list
    • Custom screeners and criteria
  3. Tracking Model Portfolio

    With access to such a wide range of data, it is essential that you have the right tools on hand to analyse the data. Working with analysts across the globe, we have created a range of intuitive online tools geared for analysis with speed and precision. All the key information about your portfolio is pulled together in an interactive dashboard giving you a 360-degree view of your investment positions.

    • Monitor your portfolio against its benchmark
    • Region and Sector breakdown of your portfolio assets
    • Portfolio volatility and risk tracking
  4. Advanced Charting

    Effortlessly chart any fundamental, economic or other market data to create the best picture to tell your investment story. If you prefer to work with tables instead of graphics, it's not a problem; With GridPro, you can easily create any type of table.

    • Intuitive interface
    • High performance
    • Custom formulas and functions
  5. Enjoy working with Custom Workspace
    • Work with any number of widgets and save them as custom workspaces.
    • Financial statements, news, price charts, ChartPro, and GridPro are just a few of the widgets you can use
    • Create dynamic pages by binding forms i.e. creating chains within the same workspace.
    • Just pick a different stock or date within one of the forms in the chain, and related forms will be instantly updated yielding a faster analysis than ever.
  6. Maximize Your Performance with Excel Add-in

    With EquityRT Connect, you can retrieve various types of data points from EquityRT database within Microsoft Excel for further calculation, formatting or charting. Easily create your Datascan or Report with the Excel Add-in Functions. Whenever you open the file, all cells will automatically be calculated with the latest data ensuring you are always up-to-date with the figures.

    If you think it can't get any better, please check out the EquityRT ready-to-use Excel templates. You can start using them right away or customize for your own purposes.