Mutual Funds and Pension Funds

Would you like to look at the rapidly growing Turkish fund markets from a different perspective?

We have combined all the information and comprehensive analysis tools to make fund market analyses easy.

  1. We collect and consolidate the data from official sources and founders, enabling our users to:

    • Filter, sort and compare funds according to various criteria.
    • Conduct detailed analyses on fund size, performance or asset distribution using different groupings: fund type, sub-types, manager or founder.
    • Easily access data from the foundation date of the funds to the present.
    • Review the overall snapshot of the fund sector and create strategies.
    • Perform performance and benchmark analysis according to the grouping of Pension Monitoring Center (EGM).
  2. Vizyonumuz
  1. Who benefits?
    • Fund Managers
    • Fund Founders
    • Fund Sales Representatives
    • Portfolio Managers
    • Financial Advisors
    • Institutional Investors
    • Family Offices
    • Universities
  2. What is the scope of coverage?
    • Mutual Funds; Hedge Funds, Real-Estate Funds, Venture Capital Funds
    • Pension Funds
    • Fund daily data
    • Performance / Benchmark
    • Asset distribution
    • Management fee
    • News
    • Reports
    • EGM Benchmark Groups
Customized Solutions for Pension Fund Companies

We help fund sales representatives quickly and easily access to funds’ details in their customer interactions.

Get a competitive advantage by sharing a fund bulletin with the prospect and making effortless plan simulation to customer by comparing the fund returns with the different manager’s funds.